Flange Fitters Courses

The industry demands different qualifications for flange fitters. ELCONY offers different courses. In all courses, the flange mechanic learns to open and close flange connections in a safe manner.

Flange Fitter Basic

For process operators working on petrochemical plants.

Flange Fitter according to Protocol

For flange fitters who must have a VCA/SOG flange fitters diploma.

Flange Fitter Advanced

For maintenance personnel. Technical course is recognized by NAM (subsidiary company of Shell).

Flange fitter ME

For flange fitters who must be able to read, interpret and apply the Isometric drawings and P&ID.


  • In accordance with the Working Conditions Act.
  • Or according to the SSVV Training Guide (SOG). ELCONY has been recognized by VCA Infra.
  • The diploma is valid for 5 years.
  • At your location is possible.

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ELCONY cooperates with Flangemanagement.com. This is an engineering company that specializes in flange connections and also provides courses for the Supervisor and Inspector.


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