Working with twin ferrule fittings

Target group

The course Working with twin ferrule fittings is intended for employees who need to (re) assemble twin ferrule fittings on a (petrochemical) site.

Learning objectives

During this course, participants learn how to properly assemble instrumentation fittings and recognize other types and brands of fittings to prevent components from being used interchangeably.


  • Safety.
  • Type of fittings.
  • Tube aspects.
  • Material handling.
  • Assembly requirements.


  • Recognizing different brands, sizes and materials.
  • Making a workpiece according to work assignment.
  • Mounting exercise with three different fittings.


  • In accordance with the Working Conditions Act.
  • Or according to the SSVV Training Guide (SOG). ELCONY has been recognized by VCA Infra.
  • The diploma is valid for 5 years.
  • At your location is possible.

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