Working with Torque and Tensioning Equipment

Target group

The course Torque and Tensioning is meant for the mechanic who works on bolted connections with hydraulic torque and tensioning equipment.

Learning objectives

The mechanic learns to open and close bolted connections safely with hydraulic torque and tensioning equipment.

  • TheoryTorque equipment.
  • Tensioning equipment.
  • Working method torquing.
  • Working method of tensioning.
  • Principles of the controlled unloading and tightening of flange connections.
  • Work according to protocol (procedures).
  • Safety requirements when working with specific equipment and tools.


  • Applying regulations and procedures.
  • Working with measuring tools.
  • Work with torque and tensioning equipment.


  • In accordance with the Working Conditions Act.
  • Or according to the SSVV Training Guide (SOG). ELCONY has been recognized by VCA Infra.
  • The diploma is valid for 5 years.
  • At your location is possible.

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