Company profile

ELCONY was founded in 2006. We specialize in industrial courses in the energy, oil and petrochemical industries. Our extensive knowledge of technology helps us understand the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

The team consists of enthusiastic staff, each with their own specialty. The teaching materials are constantly updated and meet the latest standards. We understand what a participant needs to properly absorb, remember and apply the information. Our material is clear, well-organized and also easy to read for everyone.

Сертифициране и признания

Оценката на даден сертификат или диплома зависи от разпоредбите, с които трябва да се съобразява притежателят на сертификата или дипломата. При наличие на сертификат или диплома, издадени от ELCONY, работодателят винаги спазва изискванията на чл. 8 “Информация и инструктаж” от Закона за условията на труд. Това е така, защото работодателят е гарантирал, че работникът е бил ефективно информиран за работата, която трябва да извършва, и свързаните с нея рискове, както и за мерките, насочени към предотвратяване или намаляване на тези рискове.

Когато не се издават (или не могат да се издадат) сертификати или дипломи по други системи, се издава сертификат въз основа на Закона за условията на труд, член 8 “Информиране и инструктаж”, ако резултатите са задоволителни.

Широко прилагана система в Нидерландия е системата VCA. Рисковите задачи в тази система се регулират от системата за специфични рискови задачи VCA (SRTV), управлявана от Stichting Samenwerken voor Veiligheid (SSVV). Рисковите задачи са описани в Ръководството за обучение на SSVV (SOG).

Dutch Working Conditions Act: Article 8.1.

Information and education

The employer ensures that employees are effectively informed about the activities to be performed and the associated risks, as well as about measures aimed at preventing or limiting these risks.
The employer also ensures that employees are effectively informed about the way in which the expert assistance referred to in Articles 13, 14, 14a and 15 is organized in his company or establishment.

  • Article 13 Assistance expert workers in the field of prevention and protection.
  • Article 14 Tailor-made scheme additional expert assistance for specific tasks in the field of prevention and protection.
  • Article 14a Safety net scheme additional expert assistance in the field of prevention and protection.
  • Article 15 Expert assistance in the field of in-house emergency services.

Specific Risky Tasks VCA (SRTV)


A system that is widely used in the Netherlands is the VCA system. The Risky Tasks VCA (SRTV) managed by the Foundation for Cooperation for Safety (SSVV) applies to the high-risk tasks in this system. The risky tasks are described in the SSVV Training Guide (SOG).

Cooperation For Safety Foundation (SSVV)

Owner and manager of the system of VCA examination, acting on behalf of the SSVV Training Guide on behalf of the VNCI / VNPI and has developed the SOG examination system within the context of the VCA system.

Intended for operational employees of companies that perform high-risk work in, or for, the companies affiliated with the VNCI, VNPI, Deltalinqs, NOGEPA and SIR. In the context of question 3.4 of the VCA system, these employees must meet the training requirements laid down in the Guide, as a condition for acquiring and / or retaining the VCA * VCA ** certificate from their employer, if this company works for clients in the above branches.


Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry, client of the Foundation for Cooperation for Safety.


Association of the Dutch Petroleum Industry, client of the Foundation for Cooperation for Safety.

(Central) Guarantee Committee (WBC) SSVV Training Guide

(Central) guarantee committee, which, together with various technical guarantee committees, acting on behalf and on behalf of the SSVV, acting on behalf of VNCI / VNPI, is responsible for the quality of the items, test terms, matrices and exams included in the CIB, as well as for practical exams , including the implementing rules for this.

Central Item Bank (CIB)

The working name used by the VCA Infrastructure for the exam bank in which the items for the theoretical exam assignments SSVV Training Guide are stored.

VCA Infra

The organization that organizes and maintains the Exam Bank SSVV Training Guide on behalf of the SSVV.

Exam Chamber Foundation

The organization that, on behalf of the SSVV, provides operational supervision of the SSVV Training Guide examination and the meta-supervision of the functioning of the entire SSVV Training Guide examination system.
SRTV exam center

A legal entity under private law that is recognized by VCA Infra and is responsible for the examination and certification of the SSVV Training Guide.

SRTV Examination Board

A committee set up by the SRTV Examination Center that handles the handling of objections to practical exams SSVV Training Guide for exam candidates and is responsible for the professional training program and the assessment of examiners to be authorized.
SSVV Training Guide (SOG)

Specification of, in further designated SSVV affiliated branches, common “risky tasks” and the required competences, belonging to a specific qualification.

Central College of Experts VCA (CCVD VCA)

The Board that determines the final and test terms SSVV Training Guide, based on which the exams SSVV Training Guide are developed.


Operational supervision: the supervision by the Examination Chamber Foundation of compliance with the provisions of the SSVV Training Guide Implementation Decree. General supervision: the supervision by VCA Inra of compliance with the Recognition Regulations for the Recognition Criteria for Exam Centers SRTV.

SSVV Training Guide Implementation Decree

Guidelines established by SSVV with which the examination by an SRTV Examination Center must comply.

Implementation regulations Examination (UvE)

Regulations tailored to a qualification, for the execution of the practical exam and regulations for the minimum entries on the certificates SSVV Training Guide to be issued.

Practical setup

Examination location / room where practical exams are taken in the context of the SSVV Training Guide, in accordance with the requirements as stated in the Examination Implementation Regulations.

SSVV Training Guide diploma

Value document as proof of the successfully passed theory and practical exam (exclusively in combination) belonging to a specific qualification from the SSVV Training Guide, to be issued by the SRTV exam center.

Central Diploma Register

The Dutch and Belgian VCA / VCU Diplomas and SOG certificates can be verified in the Central Diploma Register VCA.

Terms and Conditions

Signing up

Registration is only possible in writing, for example by using a (digital) form. Applications are dealt with in order of receipt. It’s possible obligation and no cost to place an option for training. For this you can contact Elcony.

Details of the candidates must be given no later than one day prior to theory exam. Please note the passing of last-minute filings and changes. We ask you to submit both by mail and by telephone.

Proof of registration

After receiving the completed application form, the relationship department will proceed to sending of a proof of registration.

Proceed or not proceed

Training will take place if there are enough participants. Basically we decide no later than four weeks before the planned start date on whether to continue an education. We reserve the right to postpone this decision until two weeks before the planned start date. If a program can not continue because of the number of registrations, we reserve the right to merge different groups for the training.


Until two weeks before a course participant can cancel his registration without penalty. If canceled later than two weeks and seven days before the start of training are 50% fee due. If canceled later than 7 days before the start of training due to the full cost. The original participant is entitled to two days prior to the exam time to appoint a replacement participant.


After the training, the client will receive an invoice for the cost of attendance. The invoice must be paid within 30 days after date. With the exception of private individuals and freelancers there. This group must pay the full amount in advance. This can be in cash or with our ATM before commencement of training. After the payment has been received will be sent certificates, cards and stickers for the Personal Safety Logbook of the successful participants.


If a participant due to force majeure, at the discretion of Elcony had to miss an important part of training, will, to the extent possible, this participant the opportunity to be at the next training to overtake the failed section. For this, no additional costs for participation will be charged. However Elcony is never required cost of participation to be refunded in whole or in part, even if the training is not given anymore.

Force majeure

If a teacher force majeure is impossible to give a lesson, we will try to put in a substitute teacher. If this is not possible, we reserve the right to change the class for a date to be determined. Elcony is not liable for damage that a participant and / or those who have entered a participant may suffer as a result of the cancellation of a lesson and / or training / education.

Duty of confidentiality

Elcony commits the participant to hold in respect of business acquired, directly or indirectly, absolute secrecy.

Training Regulations

Article 1 Participation

Participation in a training course or training is done at your own risk. Elcony is not liable on any grounds whatsoever for damage to property of the participant / third and / or injury.

Article 2 Identity

Each participant is required to present a valid ID at the start of training, course or training.

Article 3 Follow instructions

If the participant does not conform to the (safety) statement (s) of the instructor / teacher, the student / participant can be excluded with immediate effect of the program, course or training, without refund of training, course or training funds.

Article 4 of dangerous situations

If the participant puts himself or others in danger, the participant will be excluded immediately from the program, course or training without a refund of training, course or training shall take place.

Article 5 Personal Protective Equipment

The participant must have personal protective equipment to carry and use. These PPE include at least one safety helmet, goggles, gloves and – shoes provided the training requires.

Article 6. Timely present

The participant must be on time

Article 7 Monitoring of all classes

The participant is required to attend all classes. If he would not do so, then Elcony can exclude the participant of the exam, no refund of training, course or training funds.

Article 8 results

Elcony does not affect the results of an examination or test.

Article 9 No smoking

Only allowed to smoke in the designated locations.


This is the privacy statement as used by ELCONY (industrial courses). All relevant parts are discussed, each section must be reviewed and assessed to see whether it is correct in terms of content.

Privacy-sensitive data, or personal data, are processed via the service. ELCONY considers a careful handling of personal data of great importance. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us.

In our processing we comply with the requirements set by the privacy legislation. That means, among other things, that we:

clearly state the purposes for which we process the personal data. We do this via this privacy statement;
limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for legitimate purposes;
you first ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your consent is required;
take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also requirements of parties that process personal data in our order;
respect your right to provide, correct or delete your personal data on your request.

ELCONY is responsible for the data processing. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We advise you to read this carefully.

Use of personal data

When using our service (course) we obtain certain information from you. That may be personal data. We only keep and use the personal data provided by you directly, in the context of the service you requested, or of which it is clear that they are provided to us to process.

We use the following data for the purposes stated in the privacy statement:

  • Name (person – company);
  • Billing address;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Place of birth.


For certain parts of our service you must first register. After registration we will save the personal data you have provided. We keep this information so that you do not have to pass it on again every time and so that we can contact you in the context of the execution of the agreement.
We will not provide your information to third parties, unless this is necessary in the context of the implementation of the agreement that you must close us or if this is legally required. In case of suspicion of fraud or abuse of our service, we can hand over personal data to the competent authorities.
Handling of order – booking course – exam

When you place an order with us, we use your personal data for the processing thereof. If necessary for proper processing, we can also provide your personal data to third parties. You can read more about this later in this privacy statement.

Location data

If necessary for the service (eg an in-company course) we can collect location data from you. For this, your permission is requested at the moment. This location data can also be stored and processed.

Provision to third parties

We can pass on your details to our partners (exam offices). These partners are involved in the implementation of the agreement.

We take security measures to limit abuse of and unauthorized access to personal data.

Retention periods

The personal data described above are saved for as long as necessary. This is generally 5 years. The validity period of most certificates is 5 years. If you no longer wish to use our services, your data will be deleted, unless there is a legal obligation that requires longer storage (such as the seven-year fiscal retention obligation for payment data).


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Browsing and changes to your data

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Authority Personal Data

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